What are unsecured loans people benefits?
Unsecured loans people benefits are cash assistance intended for people living on benefits. Since it is an unsecured form of loan, there is no need of pledging any collateral against it.

Who can apply?
Any individual who reside in UK and is above 18 years can apply for our loan services. Besides, you must also be living on benefits for the past 6 months and have a saving account to apply.

Can I apply even if my credit rating is not perfect?
Yes, you can apply with us even if you do not have a perfect credit score.

Will absence of collateral make the interest rates higher?
Of course not! We will make every possible effort to help you find a loan deal available at affordable interest rates.

Can I make use of the approved money for any purpose?
Yes, you can use of the approved money for any purpose as we put no restriction on it usage.

Is it safe to provide my personal information?
We make use of various safety measures that will ensure that the personal information that you provide us are never misused or shared with any third party.

What should I do for additional information or if I have any queries?
For addition information or queries, make use of the contact us form available in the website.